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As our world becomes more familiar with concepts such as sustainability and sourcing food and products locally, family farms such as ours have an important role to play. The concept of sustainability is a large scale trajectory that can feel overwhelming to navigate. However, having a global mindset that sees the value of individual actions in a local context over time can be translated into our communities. By favouring local food sources, we drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with them, and by supporting our local farms, we can understand the sustainability practices that are being put into place. We can also have a better knowledge of the animal welfare that local farms practice.

Here at the Herbert Family Farm, we take the stewardship of our land seriously and aim to treat it with respect and care so that it is able to sustain the food we produce for many years to come. Our animals spend lots of time outside on our land, where they have access to fresh air, bugs, grass and open spaces to explore and play in. Additionally, we have a low maintenance solar power system that we are able to use to supply energy to our farm.

We believe in the importance of being connected to your local community, and investing in local businesses helps to minimize environmental footprints while also stimulating the local economy. On our farm, we love having a personal relationship with our buyers and providing them with nutrient dense, flavourful food. These personal relationships mean the world to us and we believe that our quality products reflect this passion. If you have any questions for us about how our farm operates and what we produce, we would love to have you swing by the farm, check out the animals, and answer those questions!


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