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Homegrown Milling Feed

Being able to diversify the products we offer has helped our small farm grow and prosper over the years. In order for our farm to continue to be sustainable, we grow and harvest our own grains for our milling feed. It’s important for us to be transparent when it comes to the ingredients in our poultry’s feed, as we want our customers to know the quality of the chickens that they are receiving. Growing our own grains for our milling feed has made us more self-reliant, and gives us control on what goes into our poultry. 60% of our feed is composed of our own grains. We also add in locally sourced protein supplements, which means our milling feed is 86% local. We have a portable roller mill, in which all grains, nutrients, and protein supplements are added in raw and milled together to get a consistency that is perfect for poultry. Chickens in different developmental stages require different levels of nutrients, which creates the need for multiple blends of feed formulations. At our farm we use three different recipes that were developed by an agricultural nutritionist so that we are able to mill starter, grower and finisher feed.

Having control over what goes into the milling feed allows for a higher nutrition value in the feed and healthier poultry, which ties in with the benefits of naturally raised poultry compared to larger, specialized farms. Higher nutrients results in better flavour in our chicken and turkey. Our poultry is also raised naturally with the seasons, which means the chickens and turkeys you get from us get to spend most of their time outside, and get additional nutrients from supplemental foraging. This is a closer model to the natural way animals would live, which means they are raised in a healthier manner. If you have any other questions about what goes into our milling feed, please let us know!


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