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Reducing Food Waste & the Strength of Community

Our family farm values the importance of community in order to enhance the sustainability of our farm, local economy and environment. In May 2019, our farm joined the Loop Resource program, in which partnerships are established between grocery stores and local farmers to enhance sustainability. On average, grocery stores produce 600-1000 lbs of unsaleable produce each day that can be diverted to local farms (Loop Resource [accessed 2021]). Every second week, we collect produce that can no longer be sold from Superstore in Camrose to use as supplementary feed for the animals or as compost. We receive around 40-50 banana boxes of food each collection, with roughly two-thirds being fresh produce. This mutually beneficial relationship promotes natural feed for our livestock, as well as reducing waste and disposal costs for the grocery store. Not only does this program benefit both parties financially, but it is also one way in which our family is able to aid in improving local environmental sustainability!

Additionally, our farm is approaching its eighth year of partaking in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)! Through this program, shares of eggs, chicken, and beef are purchased. These up front investments allow us to plan for the feed and supplies required for the raising of the livestock. It reassures us that a certain percentage of our products will be sold providing our family with financial security. This program allows for the sustainability of raising livestock, while creating relationships between consumers and their farmers. By partaking in the risk and rewards of each season, shareholders are provided with a sense of ownership of the products they receive. This way, shareholders know who their farmer is on a personal level, are aware of where their food comes from and its ethical growth, all while receiving delicious and cost effective products!

The establishment of these partnerships as well as local customer support play an integral role in the strength of sustainability within our family farm. We cannot thank you all enough for the continued support you have shown us throughout the years!


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