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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is CSA?


"A CSA is a community of people that support a farmer and share the crop that he/she produces. The concept is simple. You buy a 'share' of the vegetable crop pre-season and this allows the farmer to purchase seeds and supplies and to plan the crop. You then visit a central pick-up site during the growing season to gather your share of the incredibly fresh and delicious offerings that have been grown and harvested for you. You also have the opportunity to encourage and get to know those who've grown the food. Each season is unique and, along with the farmer and other members, you share in the risks and rewards that each year brings." (Definition found on Sunhill Gardens website)




The Herbert Family Farm is a participating producer for a local CSA group based out of Camrose, Alberta. We provide shares for: farm fresh eggs, chicken, beef, and seasonal shares of turkey.


The main farm we are partnering with for CSA is Grey Arrow Farm, which is operated by Denis & Andrea Forstbauer of Camrose, Alberta. Grey Arrow Farm is a vegetable farm that grows over 20 different types of vegetables and a variety of herbs. The Forstbauers manage the Camrose CSA and provide many wonderful vegetables to the selection of the Community Supported Agriculture group.


*For more information on what a "share" includes and how to order one for your family for the coming season, visit Grey Arrow Farms' website!


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