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Production & Sales


At the Herbert Farm we strive for excellence in all our products, and our bales of hay and straw are no exception. Each year we do our best to harvest each crop of hay and straw during a stretch of warm, dry weather so we can get a high quality product. Although we do our best, sometimes nature just does not co-operate! Nonetheless, all the hay and straw we sell is good quality product that our customers are pleased with. 


Our hay is a mix of 80% alfalfa, and 20% timothy/other grasses. We typically have a selection of first cut and second cut hay in our sheds. Some of our hay is well suited for horses, and other is better for the cattle herd or sheep. Whatever your needs are, we will strive to meet them and provide you good quality hay at fair market price.


The straw we bale is typically wheat straw, which is generally softer and more desirable for bedding. If there is a demand for it, we will also bale barley straw. As we bale, we keep an eye on the moisture level of the bales and strive to keep the moisture within the recommended scale. Because of this, we have a few problems with heating or mouldy bales

Both our hay and straw bales come in round bale form, 

and small square bale form. 

Straw &  Hay

*Contact us if you have any questions!*

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