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We finally we able to get the last of our crop off the field! The canola, wheat, and barley are all in the bins. The work baling of our second cut hay and all our straw (7,000+ small square and over 100 round bales just in straw!) is complete. We were glad to have our daughter and son-in-law, Beth and Josh Ould, here to help us get the harvest in. We are thankful to the Lord who sustained us through a very challenging harvest season. Even though we got snow on September 8th, causing many of our crops to be flattened to the ground, we were able to get crop lifters and harvest the majority of the grain! Despite the rain that came throughout most of September, we were able to dry everything out and bring it in in the drier month of October. What we harvested was still a very bountiful crop, even with all the challenges of the fall, and we give all the glory to God!


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