The Herbert Farm


Our 640 acre farm is what you would call a "mixed" farm. We plant and harvest cereal and cash crops (wheat, canola and barley) on the majority of our land, but there is also a portion of the land we use for other purposes. A portion of the land is sectioned off into pastures for our horses, chickens, and turkeys. And there are several large garden spots in and around the farm yard, including a variety of fruit trees. 

    Each year we raise a flock of meat chickens and turkeys in a number of batches throughout the summertime. They spend the majority of their lives on grass, and we feed them a home-made, all natural feed. This results in a very tasty bird in your crockpot!

    We also have a year-round flock of laying hens. These birds keep our customers stocked with fresh, healthy, and natural eggs. Our eggs are full of Omega3, especially in the summertime when the hens have access to grass and vegetable scraps.

    At the Herbert Farm we strive to maintain the highest quality hay and straw possible. Each year we harvest first cut hay from our alfalfa-timothy hay field, and we will often get a second cut off the land as well. Our straw is mainly wheat straw, but we will sometimes bale our barley straw as well. 

    We have round and small square bales available for both our hay and our straw. Call or email to inquire more about availablity.



    Visit our blog to see updates on the things happening around the Herbert Farm! We are excited to share with our customers the new things that are happening on the Herbert Farm.


CSA - which stands for Community Supported Agriculture - is something that is gaining popularity around North America. It is a program where people from the community support local farmers by buying "shares" in their produce.

Check out the web page to find out more information!

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